Why BuddaBag?

BuddaBag is the coolest piece of furniture on the planet.

Filled with an ultra-comfy memory foam that moulds to the shape of your body, Budda-Bag is the ultimate experience in relaxation and comfort.

And before we go any further, let’s get one thing straight:

A Budda Bag is not a Bean Bag!

Yes, we know it might look like one, but once you take your first fall into a Budda-Bag and experience it for the first time, you’ll KNOW what we’re talking about. Beanbags have evolved.

Whatever your tastes, there’s a Budda-Bag to fit your bill. Budda-Bag comes in a range of different sizes, colours and fabrics so you can hand-choose a bag that’s bespoke to your needs and surroundings. All Budda-Bag covers zip right off and are completely interchangeable, so as your decor, mood and occasion change, your Budda-Bag can change with you.

Budda Bag is not like any ordinary piece of furniture or even as some might suggest a bean bag. Bean Bags can be best described in our opinion as a bag of cheap polystyrene balls. Some may say that they are fun, versatile and even comfortable!! But Budda Bag suggests otherwise.

The Budda Bag is built with comfort and durability in mind, an investment in your lifestyle rather than a bean bag. The Budda Bag is an ingenious combination of memory foam and a sumptuous cover of your choice that is durable and has a machine-washable fabric cover. It is a piece of furniture for you to be proud of.

Ordinary bean bags are like “beans on toast”, they collapse in time and lose their effectiveness and durability. The Budda Bag offers something different. Not only is it a piece of durable furniture, it is smart as it holds your shape. It invites the user to get in their comfort zone and holds that shape until you change it.


Flattened beanbag.


Bean bags offer a short term solution to comfort whereas the Budda Bag is a long term investment in comfort and fun. With a 360 degree flip the Budda Bag is revitalised for the next user and looks the part offering.

If you want a fun, smart, hard wearing and funky piece of furniture, invest in a Budda Bag. If you would like beans on toast that collapse in time you can guess the rest!

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